Hendersonville Pet Shop is NOW OPEN!!! Standing in the location of our recent loss; Hendersonville’s very cherished and familiar “Fish and Pets Pet Shop,” we are opening the doors back to the public in an altogether, NEW business. You will find some familiar faces running our new shop, as previous “Fish and Pets” Manager, Brandon, has worked to start anew with the same vintage Pet Shop feel and many of the previous employees that you are all so familiar with. We thank everyone for their patience in stocking our store and allowing us to be the very best Pet Shop around. We are so thankful to Finally Open, to give respectable employees a career chance, and to be here for the customers that gave so much response in our place in the community. Call us at (828) 692-1143

Our puppies and kittens are purchased from local individuals that DO NOT function as puppy mills or farms. Every puppy and kitten comes with a complementary vet exam. We carry a colorful variety of freshwater fish and live plants as well as provide special orders for saltwater fish and corals. We also carry tropical birds, reptiles, and small animals including gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and ferrets. We also hand feed many varieties of baby birds here in the store.

Some of the services we offer include dog and cat grooming; nail (wing/beak) clipping on birds, reptiles, and exotic animals; special orders on livestock and supplies; and water testing on aquariums and ponds. We hope you enjoy your experience while you’re visiting our store.